with or without you

“Sic ego nec sine te nec tecum vivere possum.”


rip x

Le ciel est, par-dessus le toit,
Si beau, si calme! Un arbre, par-dessus le toit,
Berce sa palme.

La cloche, dans le ciel qu’on voit,
Doucement tinte,
Un oiseau sur l’arbre qu’on voit,
Chante sa plainte.

Mon Dieu, mon Dieu, la vie est là,
Simple et tranquille.
Cette paisible rumeur-là
Vient de la ville.

-Qu’as-tu fait, ô toi que voilà
Pleurant sans cesse,
Dis, qu’as-tu fait, toi que voilà,
De ta jeunesse?



Too afraid to love you.



“tell me, this whole love thing- is there anyone, anyone at all, that grabs your heart and fucks with your head?”



Now I’m twenty I feel older. Definitely not wiser, but older. I feel like youth has slipped away. Maybe I need to change my ways. Maybe I need to find love again. But why must I always be searching for it? I have probably stopped believing in fate and that someone will just appear before my eyes to show me that it is all meant to be different. But it just never works out like that. Perhaps I am sad because I have fallen out of love once again. I just need to find that feeling inside; the one that makes me dance through life instead of just skimming the surface.